Small Groups

Our small groups are a time for individuals to grow in the knowledge of God, build each other up in Christ and draw new believers and non-Christians in to learn more about Him. We believe that small groups are an essential part of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship because they provide an opportunity for us to be transformed in the image of God: to grow deeper in our relationship with Him and with each other through honesty, accountability and vulnerability.



Open, safe groups that are focused on investigating the questions: Does God exist? Who is God? and Why does this matter to me? These groups are designed to be for those who do not believe in God to explore who God is in an open, non-pressuring environment. The groups have a specific length, approximately 7 weeks of study of various topics meant to cause a greater understanding of who God is to begin to develop.


Alive to christ

alec delmerico

Tuesdays 4pm

This small group will focus on basic Biblical directives on how to live a life more pleasing to God, specifically on how to defeat temptations of worldly living, how to remain pure, strong, and to develop as well as apply Christian living.


PTL small group

Bertram Wong

Sunday 3pm

Musical praise is an act of worship that can connect God’s people with God in a way that words simply cannot. Joel Houston, leader of Hillsong UNITED, quoted, “I believe God created music to connect people, the human heart, our soul, with heaven.” In this small group, PTL has two meanings: "Praise The Lord" and "Power Through Lyrics". We will be diving into the book of Psalms, having times of musical praises, and writing songs as a community.


Jamie mathew

Thursday 8pm

An avenue for new students to make deep, lasting connections with other new students. These connections go a long way to help ease the students’ transition into college. The group will study different relevant topics centered on the Bible and work toward applying God’s Word to their lives as college students.




Eli caldwell

Saturday 4pm

This small group is where men get together to read through and discuss a passage of the New Testament and how it relates to our lives. Following each small group meeting, the men will participate in food and fellowship.


Singleness/dating/marriage  Men's Small group

Harrison lee

Friday 7pm

This small group will go through a sermon series and learn together what it means to be in different relationship statuses and how to handle each situation.



Followers of Christ coming together to study the Word of God and apply it to their lives. Groups will be predominantly based in the Bible with discussions centered around a common book or passage agreed upon by the participants. These groups can either be organized and regular or spontaneous.


Jason Fotaine

Friday 3:30pm

This small group is for lovers of tea and soon to be lovers of tea to create a small communi-tea that builds long lasting connections growing in faith together. This group will include bible study of Hebrews while focusing on various topics for every chapter.



steven Benz

Friday 2pm

This small group will go through the book of Ephesians. The vision for the bible study is to foster and develop a passion for God’s Word through study and discussion, as well as emphasizing the idea of applying biblical knowledge to everyday action and mindset.

Study of ruth

Trini joseph

Monday 5:30pm

The book of Ruth is a short 4 chapter story of a moabite woman and her journey into faith. The purpose of this small group is understand that journey from a fresh perspective and see how it can be implemented in our lives as both believers and non-believers. Often we think of the book of ruth as this epic love story, but to anyone one who has ever felt like an outsider, I challenge you to come and see this book for what it truly is- a testament of faith during a storm.