The Big Event

The Big Event is an annual retreat where InterVarsity Christian Fellowship chapters from Long Island, New Jersey, and New York City gather together for a weekend to spend time with God. We go to Lake Champion YoungLife Camp in Glen Spey, NY. Big Event takes place towards the end of October and registration opens at the beginning of September.

Students can register for different tracks, which are focused on different topics, to study for the weekend. We spend time studying the Word, praying, discussing how to see God's vision spread on our campuses, and worshiping together. The different tracks are listed below.

Living for Jesus: By looking at the foundations of Christianity, this track will allow you to learn more about who Jesus is, how to live in Him, and love like Him. 

Scripture: Through a study of the book of Jonah, the Scripture track teaches you practical ways to study the Word and be changed by it. 

Mentoring: This track will teach you ways to walk alongside friends and classmates in a meaningful way. Through a study of Paul and Timothy's mentoring relationship, you will learn how to help others to mature in their faith by guiding them through spending time in the Word, prayer, and conversation. 

Leadership: For students who have answered the call to leadership through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, this track helps provide training for how to lead effectively and enact real change. Staff approval is required. 

Evangelism: Grow your faith by giving it away. Learn how to confidently share your testimony and the love of Jesus with those around you. 

Redeeming Sexuality: This track will explore how to live a Christ-centered life in a sexualized culture. Explore God's true design for sex and intimacy, and learn how to apply these biblical principles to your life.