Large Group

Large Group is the weekly general body meeting of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship where we join together with each other and with our community to worship God, learn more about Him and grow closer to one another. We believe Large Group is important to our vision because it enables us to see students and faculty transformed through prayer, worship and exhortation and allows us to renew the campus with the love of Jesus Christ. Our doors are open to anyone and everyone. 

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What To Expect

We begin our meetings with an emcee introducing the night and giving announcements. A message will be delivered from a speaker like a pastor, a church leader, or an InterVarsity leader, followed by a time of discussion in relation to the message. After, we will sing a few songs in response and end the night with a prayer, but feel free to stick around after to continue to have fellowship since there are no other clubs using the room afterwards.

From time to time, Large Group will have special events. This includes, but not limited to, listening to each others testimonies, spending time in prayer with one another, or completing a small community service project.

Keep posted on our Announcements or Events or for the latest details.


(To Be Determined by Fall Semester when we confirm a general body meeting location.)

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Have any questions about our Large Groups? Contact our Large Group Coordinators, Nathan Chan and Emmanuel Benard.