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Sherin George-Eapen

Staff Worker

Email: sherin.george@intervarsity.org

Sherin graduated from Hofstra University as a biology major, but now works full-time serving students at Stony Brook as the Campus Staff Minister for InterVarsity. She oversees the fellowship as a whole and guides the core leadership team in stewardship of our fellowship. She is passionate about developing leaders, empowering students and engaging in spiritual conversations.

She lives in Long Island with her husband, Jenson, and their baby, Haleigh. Sherin is currently studying in seminary school. In her free time, she loves to draw.

Picture Taken: The Big Event 2018

Picture Taken: The Big Event 2018

Steven Benz


Email: steven.benz@stonybrook.edu

Steven is a senior, double majoring of Chemical & Molecular Engineering and Applied Mathematics & Statistics. As President, he disciples the leaders and many of the members of InterVarsity in both their leadership abilities and their spiritual growth. He sets the overall vision and direction of the fellowship, spending time in prayer listening to God for guidance and opportunities for the fellowship to obey and follow God in serving this campus.

Born and raised in Garden City South, he enjoys playing ping pong, Frisbee, and basketball. He is passionate about food, especially when learning about new cultures. You can sometimes see him reading in a hammock outside Frey Hall on a nice day.

Casey Chu.jpg

Casey Chu

Vice President

Email: casey.chu@stonybrook.edu

Casey is a senior Heath Science major. As Vice President, she is responsible for overseeing the administrative team, developing fellow leaders, and leading the fellowship in prayer initiatives.

From the town of Airmont, she enjoys in baking, working out, reading, hiking, playing piano, hanging out with people, and watching animal documentaries. She indulges in calligraphy and photography whenever she can. She has a fondness for flightless birds as her favorite animals are penguins and she has always wanted chickens as pets.

Background: Christmas Party 2017

Background: Christmas Party 2017

Kailey Walters


Email: kailey.walters@stonybrook.edu

Kailey is a senior, double majoring in English and Psychology. As Secretary, she handles administrative responsibilities such as communicating with the Undergraduate Student Government to request and schedule events, respond to emails regarding InterVarsity matters, and keep InterVarsity records organized.

She is from Staten Island and is passionate for literature, reading novels and writing her own short stories. She also loves to run, swim, and hike.

Background: The Big Event 2017

Background: The Big Event 2017

Francis Foo


Email: francis.foo@stonybrook.edu

Francis is a sophmore studying Mechanical Engineering. As Treasurer, he raises, manages, and allots funds that our InterVarsity chapter receives throughout the year. He provides monetary assistance for our various events and distributes scholarships for students to go on our annual conferences, such as The Big Event and Basileia.

Raised in Staten Island, he enjoys playing pool, guitar, video games, and occasionally handball. Above all, he loves hanging out with the fellowship. However, do not offer him onion rings because it may not end well for him.


Elizabeth Liuzzi

Large Group Coordinator

Email: elizabeth.liuzzi@stonybrook.edu

Elizabeth is a junior studying Psychology. As the Large Group Coordinator, she oversees the team that plans the weekly general body meetings, also known as Large Group. She works closely with the pastors and speakers that deliver messages and coordinates with the Audio Visual Team and Worship Teams to prepare and execute the meetings, all in order to provide a space for members and visitors alike to encounter God through community and fellowship.

She is a commuter from the town of Holbrook, which is just south of our campus. She likes to spend time in nature, go to the recreation center with friends, and bake allergy-free food. She is a coffee fanatic and explores local coffee shops around the island. Occasionally, you can see her as a vocalist for the worship team at Three Village Church.


Fionna Chiu

Small Group Coordinator

Email: fionna.chiu@stonybrook.edu

Fionna is a junior, double majoring in Biology and Sociology. As the Small Group Coordinator, she invites, mobilizes, and encourages small group leaders to start and lead small groups that they are passionate about. She also meets with Small Group leaders to debrief, strategize, and inspire them of their roles as leaders to the people of our fellowship and campus.

A fellow Long Island resident from Oceanside, she enjoys playing the guitar and piano, using that musical passion to worship with others. She loves cats and hopes to have one or two in the future.

Background: The Big Event 2016

Background: The Big Event 2016

Irene Sajan & Jonathan Mathai

Engagement Coordinators

Email: irene.sajan@stonybrook.edu, jonathan.mathai@stonybrook.edu

Background: The Big Event 2016

Background: The Big Event 2016


Irene and John are seniors, studying Biochemistry and Computer Science respectively. As Engagement Coordinators, they are responsible for leading a team in organizing the outreach, integrations, and large-scale events. They develop the members of our team in their leadership, help new members become more integrated, and outreach to new students about the good news of Jesus.


Irene is from the town of Poughkeepsie. When classes are in session, she performs on the Bhangra team (an Indian cultural dance team on campus) and works as an EMT. When she is not busy, you can find her hanging out in the library or Starbucks.

Jonathan (John) is from New Hyde Park and he likes playing basketball, soccer, and card games. In his free time, he enjoys writing, drawing, and coding. Like many Stony Brook students, he is not a morning person and enjoys the occasional Chick-Fil-A.

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Are you passionate for InterVarsity? Do you want to be an active servant of God and be directly involved in this ministry? You don’t have to wait till after graduation for a move of God. Be a move of God and join leadership for the next year.

Our Core Team is the group of leaders that run our major aspects as a club/fellowship, consisting of everyone on our leadership page.

But wait, it gets better! InterVarsity offers more positions that run other aspects of our ministry, including Worship, Prayer, and much more!

Applications for the 2019-2020 year are now closed, but if you are still interested in serving, please talk to one of our current leaders for steps to take!