Small Groups

Our small groups are a time for individuals to grow in the knowledge of God, build each other up in Christ and draw new believers and non-Christians in to learn more about Him. We believe that small groups are an essential part of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship because they provide an opportunity for us to be transformed in the image of God: to grow deeper in our relationship with Him and with each other through honesty, accountability and vulnerability.



Open, safe groups that are focused on investigating the questions: Does God exist? Who is God? and Why does this matter to me? These groups are designed to be for those who do not believe in God to explore who God is in an open, non-pressuring environment.


Followers of Christ coming together to study the Word of God and apply it to their lives. Groups will be predominantly based in the Bible with discussions centered around a common book or passage agreed upon by the participants. These groups can either be organized and regular or spontaneous.

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Have any questions about our small groups? Contact our Small Group Coordinators,
Anna Thomas and Jasmine Yohannan.