Basileia is a week-long Spring retreat with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship chapters from all around New York and New Jersey. After Spring semester finals are over, we head up to Lake Saranac YoungLife Camp in the Adirondack Mountains. 

"Basileia" is Greek for kingdom. We spend the week learning more about God and how to advance his Kingdom on our campuses and in our world.

The retreat serves as a time to grow closer with your fellow chapter members, meet new people from different universities in our area, prepare for the next year of leadership, and most importantly to grow deeper in your relationship with God. 

Scholarships can be provided if students need financial aid. Basileia registration opens in March! 

There are six different tracks that you can choose to attend for the whole week. 

Servant Leaders: This track is meant for those students serving the executive board or servant leaders team to establish a vision for the upcoming year and plan out how that vision will be implemented. This track is required for anyone who is going to be on leadership the following year. Staff approval is required

Small Group Leaders: This track is meant to help current and upcoming small group leaders learn how to lead a group that studies the Word, engages with one another, and witnesses to others. Staff approval is required. 

Encountering Jesus: Through a study of the gospel of Mark, this track focuses on discovering more about who Jesus is and how His authority, love, and power can change your life and the world around  you. 

Transforming Prayer: InterVarsity Christian Fellowship believes in the power of prayer. This track is meant to transform your understanding of prayer and will help you to learn how to lead large and small groups in prayer. 

Engaging God's World: This track will equip you to become engaged and committed with the culture around us as Christ's ambassadors to spread the message of Jesus' love to your campus, your community, and your world.

Work Crew: If you have a heart for service, you can join the group of students who work in food service or grounds-keeping. Students can receive a $200 scholarship to be used for themselves or for another student. Limited numbers can be accepted.